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Welcome to Barbara
Barbara Nussbaum Ubuntu I am a creative consultant, a speaker and an author providing:

  • mentoring and coaching for people who care about personal growth and transformation:
  • support for people who want to write books, articles or theses.
  • music for leadership and team building.
  • work as a thinking partner for individuals and companies who want to develop their intellectual capital.

  • Here is what Nene Molefi is saying about Barbara's music workshops
    I have experienced Barbara Nussbaum's exciting new offerings: "Becoming an African Lion/ess" through creating a music CD offers a creative pathway for leadership development. And her music for building groups is a refreshing and powerful way to bring everyone's voice into the room.

    Using music as another channel of learning is an innovative way of modeling inclusiveness and creating a safe, respectful and sacred space for all participants to feel valued and listened to. Opening your workshop with, these refreshing approaches, automatically sets the scene for deeper learning and meaningful engagement. For the corporate world in particular, this is an unusual yet unique and effective way of practicing the art of deeper listening. Participants get to know each other's unfolding story through a power combination of sound, lyrics and emotion. A wonderful new product in the market place!

    Nene Molefi, Managing Director, Mandate Molefi, a Human Resources Company


    "I have worked with Barbara Nussbaum and speak from my experiences with her and as an observer of her work with groups. She takes people and their music places they have never been before. A meeting with Barbara leaves a lasting impression that continues to affect everyone months after the actual encounter took place. Do yourself a big favor and get to know this woman. Better yet, go to one of her workshops".
    - Dr Leland Kaiser,
    Health Futurist: Faculty Member Spiritual Leadership Institute, Houston , Texas; Founder Kaiser Institute, Denver , Colorado .

    "Barbara's work does not begin and end with her deep, meaningful and uplifting music workshops. It is in her very essence, lighter than the air she breathes with you, and carried on more than her reassuring and soothing voice. Her creativity and unbounded love moved through me easily, and cathartically. I enjoy her thinking processes, her unique and valuable perspective on important matters, and her immensely respectful way of moving and being in this world. In a time where quick answers and harsh expectations abound, Barbara's gifts are immediate, wise and beyond the space that calls for judgement and criticism. As a business leader, social entrepreneur, trainer, facilitator, team member, community worker... we can all be delightfully enriched by a woman as artful and sensitive as she is studied and accomplished."
    - Michelle Jacobs,
    Founder and President, Action Innovation; Johannesburg South Africa.

    "open ears, nimble mind, wise heart, generous spirit, Barbara Nussbaum is a delightful and insightful coach..."
    - Lori B.,
    performer, therapist, guide.

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